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A Fight with Constipation After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Exclusion of the unwanted fat is what you expect from the gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana Mexico. But has it given you any distress? You might be having a few side effects after the operation. Complaints of constipation are pretty general among the patients after the surgical weight loss.

How is life after gastric sleeve? What happens to the person during constipation?

Inside the patient’s system, irregular bowel movements crop up that are hard to pass; this is known as constipation. These occasional bowel movements after gastric sleeve can disturb the patient, and somebody should look into it.

Constant pain in the abdominal region, feeling deficient in the stool channel and swelling are the common signs of constipation. In the United States, around 15 per cent of the total population faces the trouble of constipation. It is also considered as one of the widespread gastrointestinal problems.

Numerous things are responsible for the jamin your digestive system in the post gastric sleeve. These can be hormonal changes, low consumption of food and liquids, and anaesthesia.

Constipation after gastric sleeve surgery

If the patient wants to gain revitalization for constipation after the Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana Mexico, then he/she should integrate physical tasks and immense intake of liquids along with fibre.

Following these home-based treatments can be helpful for the revival:

  1. Adding healthy fats to the diet

Many healthy fats are good for lubricating the intestines, and they can lessen the effects of constipation. Nuts, coconut oil, avocados, olive oil, etc., are the best sources of healthy fats. You can win the battle with constipation if you have all these.

  1. Fibre

Everything would be fine when you add fibre in your routine. It helps in giving mass to the bowel movements that will be delivering muscles inside the gastrointestinal territory. Daily intake of fibre can enhance the functioning of the bowel. Thus, it will assuage the gastric sleeve constipation. Foods rich in fibre are beans, oatmeal, berries, lentils, almonds, etc.

  1. Lemon water

Constipation after gastric sleeve can be treated with ease by lemon water. It is highly effective as it contains citric acid that is great nourishment for the digestive system because it aids in taking out the toxins.

  1. Workout

Work out is important for the improvement of your system. Try to walk for some minutes after you had your meal. Do not go to bed just after you ate anything.

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