Answering Your Questions about Gummy Bear Breast Augmentation

So why are all my friends talking about gummy bears? They are becoming the most popular choice, not for a sugary treat but, for women’s first choice for breast implants.

What are Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

Gummy bear breast augmentation is performed using breast implants that are composed of an outer silicone shell with a silicone gel filling. They are becoming the first choice for many because, compare to other silicone options, gummy bear implants not only keep their shape but feel naturally soft to the touch.

Because they are made of a special cohesive silicone gel, gummy bear breast implants not only hold their shape well but the chances of them rippling or folding are extremely rare.

What Makes a Gummy Bear Breast Augmentation Special?

  • They don’t leak! – It is very rare for a gummy bear implant to leak out should it rupture. This is because the inner gel reacts more like a solid than a liquid. When typical saline implants rupture, there is typically a visible deflation as soon as it occurs.
  • The shape – Traditional silicone and saline implants have a round shape. A gummy bear breast augmentation offers teardrop-shaped breasts. They are also thicker and denser than traditional implants. If you are looking for less fullness in the upper part of your breast along with a more natural droop in the bottom half, this is the option for you.
  • Fewer Complications – The outer shell of gummy bear implants are textured, which allows tissue to grow into them. This prevents unnatural shifting. This results in these implants having a l0wer rate of complication called capsular contracture. This complication occurs when the tissue around breast implants get abnormally thick or thick. This can cause pain and an unpleasant appearance.

Are They Safe?

Breast implants have a history of rupture and other related complications. Because gummy bears are stronger and therefore less likely to rupture and leak than other saline and silicone forms.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still recommends you have a surveillance MRI three years after your surgery and every two years thereafter. This is to ensure there is no hidden leakage.

Like any surgical procedure involving an implant, gummy bear implants are not risk free. All breast augmentations carry the risk of:

  • infection
  • pain
  • nausea and vomiting from anesthesia
  • nipple sensation changes
  • scarring
  • rupturing of the implant
  • wrinkling of breast tissues

Because these implants are more durable, gummy bear breast augmentation is far less likely to cause these complications.

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