Beating hyperhidrosis with varying treatments

Do not be disheartened if you are suffering from hyperhidrosis. Science has evolved to the point where it can cater to most needs of the society. These are the current treatments that scientists have invented and is now implemented in various cosmetological clinics like Clinique Anti-Aging center.

  • Anticholinergics: These are essentially oral medications to cure hyperhidrosis. This will cease the functioning of sweat glands once and for all. Common anticholinergics are glycopyrrolate and oxybutynin. Regrettably, these medications are proved to be risky if you are working in hot conditions like the kitchen or an underground facility. The body needs sweat to cool off and by holding that back, chances of body over-heating are high which can result in headaches or stroke. It also has dangerous side effects like blurry vision, dry mouth, and heart palpitations. Do not take these medications without Doctor’s consultation beforehand.
  • ETS Surgery: Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy is a surgical treatment. Practically all body sensations that we feel is caused by the trigger of the nerve endings that transfer message to the brain. This procedure entails the destruction of the particular nerve endings that transfer information to the sweat glands. Although a viable solution, this is the last resort for patients due to the high risk involved. It can cause infections, nerve damage, etc.
  • Antiperspirants: There are all kinds; ranging from mild to strong ointments that can effectively reduce the amount of sweating. It must be meticulously applied in all the affected areas. There are also specialized creams designed for sensitive skin such as the face and groin region.
  • Iontophoresis machine: In this treatment, the patient is asked to immerse their hands in a tub of water whilst a medical device sends low voltage currents. The electric current will gradually deactivate your sweat glands. However, it will take at least about a dozen sessions for it to materialize. Through Doctor’s consultation, it is advisable to take the treatment few times a week. Each session will last for about 40 minutes. It is known for having a high success rate as long as the patient is consistent with his treatment plan.
  • Botox: If you’re facing extreme hyperhidrosis, then antiperspirants may not be of much help. Botox injections are useful for both axillary, palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis. Sadly, the results don’t last for very long. You can expect relief for an approximate 6 months before you repeat the procedure.

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