Best food in UK to boost health

It’s fair to assume that in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, our daily lives have been thrown out the window. ‘Normal’ life feels a million years away, from failing to get out of bed in the mornings to dealing with completely bizarre nightmares to trying to start at-home workouts.

The same can be said for what we eat. We’ve gone from taking a Pret sandwich for lunch most days to rummaging around the fridge in between Zoom calls, whipping together random concoctions from supermarket cupboard tins when we’ve got the motivation – and eating crisps for dinner when we don’t (just us?).

And, yes, no one is judging you. Life is difficult enough as it is without having to beat yourself up for your food decisions. However, with Coronavirus on the rise, it seems more necessary than ever to maintain a healthy immune system. And, in addition to having adequate sleep and exercise, a large part of our resilience is determined by the foods we consume.

It is well known that a healthy diet and the ‘right nutrients’ are important for our immune system to work properly. Since our bodies cannot make or generate such vital nutrients, it is important to ensure that your diet contains all of them.

Author: Dr. Sarmed Sami MBChB, MRCP, PGCME, PhD

Consultant Gastroenterologist, Founder and Director of Digestive Health UK.


Oranges, including apples, have a high fiber content that encourages fullness and tends to maintain blood sugar levels. They also have a blend of vitamins that help you feel more energized. Juice, on the other hand, is rich in calories and carbohydrates, which can make you feel slow.


Walnuts are high in iron, zinc, potassium, and phosphorus, and are a great source of nutrition for busy women. To enjoy the culinary benefits, toss a handful over a salad or add to a stir fry.


Almonds are high in skin-loving vitamin E and protein, and they’re also a good source of energy. When you’re feeling sluggish, ignore the sugary snacks and just munch on a little handful of almonds.


Drink lots of fresh water if you want to keep your concentration – and your calm. Water is needed for the proper chemical functioning of any single cell in your body, so you must have enough of it to perform at your best. 2 litres a day is the recommended volume (about eight glasses). Make an effort to stick to it!

Green tea

Green tea is believed to assist with glucose balance, which will help you keep your energy levels consistent. This is because it contains a high concentration of natural antioxidants such as catechin polyphenols. To see a difference, drink three to five cups of tea per day or take it as a substitute.


Tropical fruits, such as pineapple, provide an unusual mix of nutrients that will help you feel more energized. Iodine is one of them, since it encourages good thyroid activity (this is the gland that regulates the metabolism by controlling how quickly it burns energy). High levels of B vitamins, potassium, and calcium, on the other hand, increase blood supply and reduce cholesterol.


These are some of the most important foods that you need to try out for a good digestive health UK. just try them and you will enjoy a great health with a well developed health.

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