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What should you eat after a lab-band procedure
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What should you eat after a lab-band procedure?

It is vital to know the diet after lap band surgery. As every lap-band patient is unique, there are some instructions you need to stick to. From the days following the lap band procedure to the months and for the rest of life, a healthy diet plan is needed for...
Lose Weight After Menopause
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5 Ways to Lose Weight After Menopause

As women get older, they gain extra weight, and Menopause weight loss seems impossible because of the stress, hormone changes, and aging process. In the process of losing weight, many women spend hours in the gym. However, studies show that there are ways to lose weight after menopause, and it...
Gastric Sleeve Surgery
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A Fight with Constipation After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Exclusion of the unwanted fat is what you expect from the gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana Mexico. But has it given you any distress? You might be having a few side effects after the operation. Complaints of constipation are pretty general among the patients after the surgical weight loss. How...
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Stages Of Bariatric Surgery Diet

A gastric bypass procedure is a method rather than a magic wand. Perhaps one of your biggest fears is that you will regain weight after you undergo a bariatric treatment. Sadly, it can be real. People generally continue to develop weight after their surgery for 12 to 18 months for...
What Are the Foods to Avoid After Weight Loss Surgery
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What Are the Foods to Avoid After Weight Loss Surgery?

Just undergoing a weight loss surgery does not mean that you will automatically lose weight. You will need to undergo and practice a strict diet which has specific gradual changes which are necessary to ensure that you lose weight. This will also involve lifestyle changes which your doctor will suggest...
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Preparation for Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass is a type of bariatric operation used to reduce weight for people who are struggling with overweight and obesity. It's a significant and complex activity that would require a substantial recovery. You ought to make significant life changes after you undergo surgery. Speak to experts in the profession...
regular bariatric diet advice
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Preparing and Recovering from Bariatric Surgery

Introduction The first bariatric surgery was conducted in 1954, with a surgeon called A. J. Kremen. This process was subsequently called gastric bypass. The upper and lower areas of the small intestine were connected to skip the center segment, where many food absorptions occur. The thought was to reduce the...