Do These Easy Tips When You Just Finished An Eyelash Extension Treatment

Is it your first time going through an eyelash extension treatment? Whether it is or not, it’s always best for you to keep your lash extensions healthy. By doing these following tips, you can secure excellent results at the end of the day.

Eyelash extension treatment can get pretty meticulous. The application of eyelash extensions needs a significant amount of detailed work. But no worries, it’s all safe and pleasant. You have to give attention and properly take care of your lashes to avoid any damages or irritation.

Since it’s all fresh from the cosmetic procedure, you should avoid plucking or even merely touching the lashes. It should be kept attached firmly to your natural eyelashes. As you do this, it can also last longer. Take note from the expert mink eyelash extensions by Fancy Lash, for instance.


To give you a briefer, here are some of the tips to share.

Avoid Rubbing Your Eyelashes

For this part, it’s quite simple yet a difficult one. Pay attention more to your lashes. Please don’t rub it, whether intentionally or accidentally. It might cause problems with your lash extensions. Rubbing can cause irritation and possible loss of lashes too. Be more careful.

Keep It Dry

Don’t put water onto your eyelash extensions for about a day. Keep it dry. It’s one of the most advisable tips to follow. Drying it can make your lash extensions more attached. If you fail, it won’t achieve excellent results. To wash your face, use a cloth instead.

No Perming Of Lashes

Don’t perm your lashes if it’s all fresh from the treatment. It can cause some irritations, which you won’t like at all. If you recently had the best 3d eyelash extensions in Sydney, the best thing is to maximize it first. Perming it won’t do anything useful at all.

Don’t Use Cotton

Don’t put cotton onto your eyelash extensions at all. It might get stuck in the lashes itself, thereby damaging your extensions entirely. Avoid doing this, or else you’ll ruin the treatment for yourself. Be more cautious.

Use Washable Mascara Only

Don’t use water-proof mascara as much as possible. The coats of ink can damage your eyelash extensions once it’s stuck into every gap or even on the strands. If it’s washable, you can easily remove it without much hassle.

Call The Experts

If there are problems or concerns, the best thing to do is to call for any beauty clinic. Speak to the specialists for your lash extensions. In that way, you can successfully maintain your thick, curled, and long lash extensions safely. Seek for pieces of advice as well.


Final Word

If you went through an eyelash extension treatment, use this as your guide. These are helpful tips that can give you a complete heads-up. All of these are easy to do and are a lesser hassle. Inform yourself more in the things to do after having lash extensions. It can help you achieve top-notch results after all.

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