How Digital Smile Design Can Improve the Treatment Process

Beautiful woman smile isolated on white background.

Understandably, it would be hard to have high self-esteem when you are unhappy with your smile. It’s safe to say not having a smile you are happy with can affect your life in dramatic ways. Anything that will involve smiling like talking, having conversations, or taking photos can become a challenge.

Thankfully, achieving a better smile has now become readily affordable and accessible, thanks to modern-day dentistry. In fact, you can now easily achieve your dream smile through digital smile design.

Digital Smile Design in a Nutshell

Digital smile design is a multipurpose dental treatment protocol and it offers many peerless benefits. For instance, with the use of a digital scanner, a three-dimensional image of the patient’s mouth can be taken. This digitalises the entire structure and teeth. It is then analysed using a computer.

Digital smile design procedure often starts with an advanced means to diagnose issues with the mouth and jaw’s structure components as well as the extraoral and intraoral evaluations so the aesthetics of the mouth can be assessed. What makes digital smile design beneficial is the transparency it provides.

Through digital smile design, patients are also given access to visual representations and educational materials of what the smile will be like once the treatment has been completed.

Digital Smile Design: How it Improves the Treatment Process

Apart from the ability to take detailed three-dimensional representations of the patient’s mouth, what makes the digital smile design technology even more amazing is the way it can simulate the treatment process very accurately. The technology can also show how the patient’s teeth will look post-treatment.

Some conventional orthodontic treatments are considered a one-size-fits-all approach. However, it is important to remember that there are several functional issues that need to be considered when it comes to orthodontics.

How the gums, jaws, and teeth work together is one consideration. Another important consideration is the expectations and needs of patients will also differ. When digital smile design is used, the patient’s dental needs and goals are prioritised and taken into consideration.

Digital smile design providers are also way more than just dental experts. For starters, digital smile design providers have artistic vision. Not only that, they also have the skills and experience required to deliver the smile you desire. Amazingly, the treatment process will start with considering treatment plans and outcomes digitally from a screen.

Benefits of Digital Smile Design

Below are some of the enticing benefits of digital smile design:

  • Made to measure. As mentioned earlier, in dentistry, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Every patient has different dental treatment requirements depending on the condition of their teeth. Digital smile design allows a level of customisation so the perfect dental treatment can be created.
  • Higher precision. The ability to capture even minute oral details and carry out modern dental treatment add precision to the digital smile design process. Since every measurement is customised, the possibility of patients not getting the results they want is low.
  • Improved smile. Taking into consideration the many benefits of digital smile design, achieving a better smile is guaranteed. Since digital smile design allows customised processes and better precision, every patient ends up with results they are satisfied with.
  • Better chewability. Digital smile design can be used to correct dental anomalies that not only affects your smile but your chewing ability as well. Fortunately, with digital smile design, you will have the ability to enjoy your favorite foods without worries.
  • Result simulation. Advanced software that’s used in digital smile design makes designing a realistic simulation of the final result possible. This means the patients can see the results before they proceed with the procedure.

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