Over the counter multivitamins can keep you in good health

One of the most commonly used supplements used in the world are multivitamins. Over the last decade, their popularity has increased in leaps and bounds. Multivitamins can compensate poor habits of eating, improve health, and also reduce your risk of chronic diseases.

Multivitamins are available in quite some forms, including capsules, powders, tablets and chewable gummies. They should be taken once or twice each day and you should read the instructions carefully to follow the dosage regimen.

Multivitamins are available in pharmacies, supermarkets, as well as discount stores. They contain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your overall health. There are about 13 vitamins and 15 minerals that are beneficial and essential to your overall health. In addition, multivitamins also contain fatty acids, herbs and amino acids.

Heart disease

This is one of the leading causes of death in the world. It I suggested that multivitamins can help to prevent heart disease. They are correlated to reduced heart attack incidents, and especially among women, taking multivitamins for 3 years or more reduces the risk from dying from a heart disease.


There is a correlation between multivitamins and reduced risk of cancer. About 31% of men taking multivitamins have a reduced risk of cancer, but not in women. Long term use of multivitamins leads to a reduced risk of colon cancer. According to research, daily use of multivitamins reduces risk of cancer in men as well as in those with no history of cancer.

Brain function

Studies show that multivitamin use in older adults improves their memory. They can also affect your mood, with nutritional supplements accounting for reduced anxiety and depression. Multivitamin benefits have a beneficial effect on the mood and overall feeling of well- being in people. However, some independent studies show that there is little correlation between multivitamins and mood. But to be on the safe side it is better to purchase multivitamins from over the counter that have shown to be effective for good mental health.

Eye Health

Macular degeneration due to age is one of the prime reasons for blindness over the world. Studies have found that taking antioxidant minerals and vitamins will slow the progress of macular degeneration and also prevent it. Multivitamins also reduce risks of cataracts, which is another disease that is widespread.

It is essential to consider the dosage when consuming multivitamins. While high doses are acceptable for some people, high amounts of multivitamins are harmful to the body. Multivitamins are either fat soluble or water soluble. This may lead to excess amounts of multivitamins being accumulated in the liver. Certain minerals like iron can lead to constipation, vomiting, stomach upset, as well as fainting. The best recourse is to consult your doctor and take his recommendations for multivitamin intake. Even so, older adults and vegetarians will benefit from over the counter vitamin B12, calcium and vitamin D. Multivitamins have a lot of nutrients, some of which may not be beneficial for you. Have a talk with your healthcare provider to ensure that the multivitamins that you take are safe and effective.

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