Peerless Benefits of Having an Incubator in Your Laboratory

Incubators are a staple in almost every microbiology laboratory that engages in cell or tissue culture. This is not a surprise because in the principle of incubator microbiology, a stable environment for isolated cells to grow consists of the following requirements: pH of 7.2 to 7.5, temperature levels at 37°C, and 95 percent relative humidity.

Incubators in microbiology laboratories provide the said environmental conditions at a constant pace. Once set to the desired settings, they do not change until necessary. The incubator’s settings can stay the same for a number of days, until the cell culture is ready for analysis and specific use.

Incubators used in microbiology offer staunch benefits, such as:

  • High-efficiency sterilisation – incubators used in cell culture provide high-efficiency sterilisation; this means they provide a consistent, repeatable environment that is free of contaminants at the least downtime. Cell cultures can thrive in an incubator environment since the conditions do not change (or change only minimally).
  • Air and water-jacked technology disinfection systems – another known feature in incubators used in microbiology is that they are equipped with air and water-jacked technology disinfection systems. This means that the air and water (moisture) that are emitted inside the incubator during operation are clean and free of contaminants, unlike in natural environments. The interiors of the incubator likewise protect the cell cultures from outside exposure, which can affect their growth and ability to multiply.
  • Easy to clean – this is especially true to Hettich incubators. Cell culture incubators are easy to clean and maintain. They can be cleaned using prescribed disinfecting solutions, and don’t have to be autoclaved during a cleaning session.
  • Optimised temperature controls – microbiology incubators, like the Hettcube models, have temperature settings that can be saved. Users can then control the settings depending on the type of cell culture they are going to store. They can also save settings that they use frequently for easier control on the incubator environment.
  • HettCube Incubators offer the combined advantage of natural and forced convection to provide a stable environment for cultures and microorganisms to thrive and survive. With its advanced control system and insulation. A HettCube incubator consumes less electricity which means less cost and more savings.


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