Reasons to Participate in Alcohol Rehab during the Holiday Season

January typically is the busiest month for alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers in regard to new admissions. This is when people who have been putting off getting addiction treatment commonly decide to make a fresh start. They might have a New Year’s resolution about starting recovery or they simply see the New Year as an ideal time for a significant lifestyle change. Some have decided to wait until after the holiday season to consider rehab options.

However, there are distinct advantages for men and women who are admitted to rehab before the holiday season begins. Although it may feel distressing to miss some traditional family gatherings, some chemically dependent individuals realize this is the right choice. That’s true even if their announcement is met with disappointment from family members.

The Tendency to Overindulge

One especially relevant reason to be in rehab during Christmas and New Year’s is the tendency for a chemically dependent person to overindulge at this time of year. Some friends and relatives who enjoy drinking and partying may encourage this behavior. Others are nervous and wary about the person’s potential for getting drunk and doing something embarrassing or even harmful. Excessive drinking can be connected with loud arguments that are upsetting to children and can ruin the holiday.

The Stress of the Holidays

In contrast to the enjoyment of family traditions, many people find Christmas in particular to be very stressful. They feel compelled to search for and buy the best presents for various people, which can be expensive and time-consuming. There are problems getting on with all of the relatives they have to spend time with. They may miss somebody who has passed away or moved to a far-off location.

Inability to Moderate

When people know it is impossible for them to moderate at this time of year, choosing to spend at least 30 days in rehab from about the second week of December through the first week of January can be very beneficial. Some centers encourage participants to be a resident for 12 weeks to make sure they are far enough along on the recovery path to prevent relapse.

Avoiding Alcohol-Related Events

Men and women can schedule their stay to avoid any events that are likely to result in excessive drinking. They may not want to disclose this private decision to more than a few people, but there now is a legitimate reason not to go to work parties or gatherings of old friends at bars. People who work full-time will probably need to take a leave of absence, but they are not required to say they are participating in alcohol rehab. These employees might be more discreet and mention treatment for a medical issue.

Scheduling Considerations

Rehab centers sometimes have waiting lists at the beginning of January since this is often their busiest time. Being admitted in December means that an individual can start recovery quickly after making the decision. This individual knows that he or she is taking an important step toward making sure the following year’s holiday season is characterized by sobriety and more enjoyment.