Tips to Replace the World Lies’ with God Truth?

Many people like to act as a Mary Poppins “Perfect in everything,” and that was impossible for the humans. People cannot satisfy everyone at the same time, and they cannot be perfect in every way though it is looking very negative. But, that’s the truth. The only thing they can do is shape our life actions in a good manner and replace all the world lies with God’s truth. Now the question is how to replace the world lies with God’s truth? Below we have mentioned all the ways that help you to replace the bad with good or lies with truth. So, let’s get started.

Why do our beliefs matter? 

Beliefs matter because they compel attitude, action, and behavior. Consciously and unconsciously, people consider beliefs as truth. And it is affected by the actions, attitude, behaviors, and expectations from myself and my goals. If you make a little bit of change on the aspects that we have said above, beliefs also get changed. For example, if you have some problem regarding health-relevant, just change your mind that you have no health issue, it will be healed when you replace the world’s lies with the God truth or you can go to online prayer request to heal yourself.

God wants our lives built on the truth. Not self-created truth. If our beliefs are not based on God’s truth than people are doing against the rules of God. God wants to act like him, not what they think. Because our beliefs determine our perspectives, they impact how people react to criticism, negativity, and crises. Beliefs also reinforce the stories they tell others. If people believe they are a failure, they will confirm this truth by noticing all the bad things that happen to us. Self-talk is important for us because it helps to find out what they are doing in their life. It is advisable to take time to consider your self-talk and it may shock you how negative you are in your life internally. It’s your choice to change your belief and replace them with God’s truth. Once you do this, it is very easy for you to live a life.

The simplest way to change your belief is to change your core beliefs

It is not easy to replace your self-truth that humans have set in their minds. But your self-talk can change it. Find out the things you have done in your life is all good. As, humans, make mistakes, it can’t be possible to do good all the time. When you examine your results, beliefs and actions then compare them with the God truth. And remind the God truth over and over again until you have adopted his truth. And that’s how you can replace the worlds’ lies with God’s truth.

Final Say

We hope now you understand how you can replace the world’s lies with God’s truth. If you need motivation regarding this or looking for the person who can send your prayer to God and heal everything you can contact. Our online prayer request platform is all round the available to deliver your message to God.

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