What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Full-Face Mask?

Just like other sorts of CPAP masks, complete face masks have benefits and drawbacks that deserve to be taken into consideration when attempting to make a decision about which sort of mask will be best for you.

Besides being the recommended mask design for those who breathe through their mouth throughout rest, as well as those who often experience nasal blockage, full-face masks can be a better option for individuals who feel claustrophobic while utilizing a Dreamwear Mask. This is because the mask touches the outside of the face, instead of nasal masks, which are tightly restricted around the upper lip and nose. Complete face masks can also function well for troubled sleepers, thanks to utilizing added support bands that can aid to keep the mask firmly in position.

That being claimed, complete face masks do come with a couple of drawbacks. Some people might discover the larger weight of the mask uncomfortable. The larger surface of the mask suggests there is a higher chance of air leakages if it hasn’t been adjusted appropriately. When air leaks from the top of the mask, this can result in completely dry, inflamed eyes. Leakages are more likely for men who have beards, as their facial hair maintains the complete face mask from forming an impermeable seal.

A full-face mask probably isn’t most likely to work well for people who like to sleep on their side or tummy. The bulk of the mask can make it uneasy when sleeping in these placements. It will, additionally, be more probable to get displaced, increasing the risk of leakage. Ultimately, those that like to check out or see TV in bed before going to sleep might find that a complete face mask interrupts their view.

Ultimately, whether a complete face mask is for you will rely on your rest habits and prescribed CPAP setup. A sleep professional can assist you to determine the right dimension, as well as a sort of mask for your therapy needs, and make modifications if your first selection does not seem to be working out.

Get the Mask to Enhance Your Sleep Apnea Treatment

By combining the appropriate mask with quality CPAP equipment, you’ll obtain the quality treatment you require to regulate sleep apnea, as well as the remainder of the night.

Naturally, while CPAP masks aren’t as costly as the CPAP device itself, they still stand for a significant monetary cost, especially considering that they require to be replaced more regularly. If you don’t have medical insurance, these prices can add up rapidly.