What to expect in a hearing test?

Do you think that you’re suffering from hearing issue? How can you be sure? Is there any exact way to figure out that the symptoms you experience is due to damaging ears? Is there a right way to protect your hearing ability? All your questions can be answered by a hearing test.

Each and every individual is different; the things that have worked for your family may not work for you. In order to come to any conclusion, you need to take appointment for the hearing test. The purpose of the test is to determine whether you’ve any hearing loss and how severe the condition is, if any. This can also help you to determine the type of loss so that best treatments, such as cochlear implants, bone-anchored hearing aids or other devices can be suggested.

Prepare yourself

You need to prepare yourself for the hearing test appointment. You need to think about what you want out of the consultation. Have a clear conversation with your audiologist on the problems you’re dealing with, such as on what circumstance you face such struggle, like during loud events or phone conversation, etc. If you’ve any ongoing health condition, you need to discuss with your audiologist, so that it doesn’t hamper the hearing solution or medications they suggest.

Compile a list of all questions, concerns, or comments you may have about hearing, so that your audiologist can get a better picture on your struggles, offering you a better solution.

Choose a skilled audiologist

You need to identify the right audiologist who can listen to your queries or concerns patiently. Ensure to check the online reviews and testimonials of the audiology centre you’re going to visit. Check with family and friends for a referral, while you can also take reference from your family doctor for an audiologist whom they trust.

Do your research

Read online reviews and watch videos of hearing test to understand about the different types of the hearing examination, such as optoacoustic emissions testing, impedance testing, auditory brainstem response, and audiometry testing, etc.

Audiologist will conduct a visual examination of the ear and would remove excessive earwax or blockages that can cause sudden hear loss or even tinnitus. If you had any fever or cold prior to the test, you can have your appointment rescheduled to get more accurate readings.

If you’ve any queries, you can consult Audiology Centre West to get a detailed understanding of hearing tests and diagnostic hearing evaluation.

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